Exportation of first rate products

In Vamar, we are dedicated to fishes and shellfishes’ exportation around the world. We have been in the business for more than 20 years, do not doubt to contact us now.


Some of the services we provide...

Shipment control

We know how important it is the consolidation of the merchandise. A wide and rigorous control of the critic points is made in order to assure shipment’s conditions are optimal, and different requirements are fulfilled.

Business management

We offer the service as a purchasing agent to the realization of business management, just like we act as a consultant to the realization of business linked with fishes and shellfishes’ exportation.


We export the best products carefully selected, respecting all current laws.

Quality control

We make several production and analysis controls to all our costumers.

About us

Vamar Comercial S.A. centers its activity in commercialization of frozen fish to different worldwide costumers, who has supermarkets and distributors as its biggest number of specialized attention. In order to achieve this attention, it counts with a professional crew in charge of coordinate, from Mar del Plata’s sea port, the selection of the best raw material. After selection process, fresh fish is taken from the sea port and taken to the Plant so freezing and packaging process begins; as much in block as in IQF according to the costumer requirements’. Finally, the fish is stocked with the biggest guarantees of preservation to its following shipment. Its main markets, besides Brazil who represents the 75% of business’ profits, are USA, Spain, France, Italy, Greece and China; countries that the company already counts with a high, solid reputation as a reference marketer because of its quality and confidence.

We stand out for:

100% personalized attention
100% satisfied costumers
100% recommends us
100% chooses us again
Enterprises that trust us
Years in business


All of them
  • Abadejo / Kingclip / Genypterus Blacodes
    Entire, HG/T, Filet
  • Anchoita / Anchovy / Engraulis Anchoita
    Entire, Filet
  • Besugo / Red Snapper / Pagrus Pagrus
    Entire, HG/T, Pan Ready, Filet
  • Caballa / Mackarel / Scomber Japonicus
    Entire, Filet
  • Calamar / Squid / Illex Argentinus
    Entire, Tubes, Rings, Tentacles, Sea Cocktail
  • Castañeta / Pompfret / Cheilodactylus Bergi
    Entire, Filet
  • Corvina / Croaker / Micropogonias Furnieri
    Entire, Pan Ready, HG/T, Filet
  • Gatuzo / Shark / Mustelus Schmitti
    Entire, Filet, Fins
  • Langostino / Shrimp / Pleoticus Muelleri
    Entire, Shelling, Sea Cocktail
  • Lenguado / Flounder / MParalichthys ijsoceles - Obrgnianus
    Entire, Filet
  • Merluza / Hake Whiting / Merluccius Hubbsi
    Entire, HG/T, Filet, Prefried
  • Merluza de Cola / Hoki / Macroronus Magellanicus
    Entire, HG/T, Filet
  • Mero / Grouper / Acanthistius Brasilianus
    Entire, HG/T, Filet, Prefried
  • Palometa / Pompano / Parona Signata
    Entire, Filet
  • Pargo / Argentine Croaker / Umbrina Canosai
    Entire HG/T, Pan Ready, Filet
  • Pescadilla / Sea Trout / Cynoscion Striatus
    Entire, HG/T, Filet, Fishblock
  • Pez Angel / Angelshark / Squatina Argentina
    Entire, Filet, Fins
  • Pez Gallo / Elephant Fish / Callorhinchus Callorrynchus
    Entire, Filet
  • Pez Palo / Flathead / Percophis Brasiliensis
  • Raya / Skate / Sympterygia Bonapartii
    Entire, Filet, Fins
  • Rubio / Blackbelly Rosefish / Helicolenus Iahillei
    Entire, HG/T, Filet
  • Savorin / Southatlantic Bream / Seriolela Porosa
    Entire, HG/T, Filet

Some of the companies we work with

Elegant Fish
Congelados Mar del Plata
Elegant Fish
Congelados Mar del Plata